Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ankle Boots Transformed

So I had these very inexpensive booties that I've had for a few years and never really wore because the boot hit my calf at an awkward spot! They weren't tall enough to be mid-calf or short enough to be considered an ankle boot. Click here and here for inspiration on the look I'm going for with these! Also here. I've been dying for a pair of unique boots that I can wear with shorts or dresses or skirts, pretty much anything really!

The process was simple. These were not leather boots so I just used a pair of scissors to cut them to the proper height. Then I sewed this awesome mixed-fabric twine from Anthropologie to the top of the boot, rolling it over slightly so that that cut edge is hidden. Then using a glue gun and thread I applied the twine down the back mid section of the boot. I'll snap a picture of me wearing them tomorrow!

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