Monday, October 3, 2011

Isabal Marant - PFW S/S2012

My, Oh my! The Isabel Marant Spring/ Summer 2012 collection presentation at Paris Fashion Week was just stunning! I even sort of liked that she combined quite a few BSU color combinations into the mix. And artfully done tie-dye! The knitwear she included was unexpected with the silky silhouettes but equally gorgeous.

Ahh! That jacket on the right! I PINE! It's so BSU and so very chic! Tie-dye done right and not hippie-dippie like that dress in the middle is what I want NOW! I am so very happy that this will be carrying on into next summer! And I want that beautiful knit mini for right now as well.
This represents the milder side of the collection. A little bit safari and still mixed in with the tie-dye. And can I just mention that I hope these dainty shoes seen on a lot of runways are just used NOT to distract from the beautiful clothes because I love a hefty shoe. And I want them to continue into the upcoming season.

Love the jumpsuit. Love the lace overlay dresses. In white and black! And love, love love the rough studded vest. All pictures are from! Thanks for checking it out. -Ashley

Saturday, October 1, 2011

100 Years of Fashion

Busy weekend! So all I have time to share with you is this lovely video conveying 100 years of fashion of men and women! And they are dancing. The music is great and whoever edited this film did an amazing job. Enjoy!